Ultimate Guide For Permanent Hair Removal & Benefits

laser hair removal in chula vista

Ultimate Guide For Permanent Hair Removal & Benefits

Every person (be it male or female) has a desire to look attractive and does everything possible to maintain his beauty. But he cannot stop the natural changes and he has to face those changes.

As a person grows in age, so too his body changes, these changes in medical language are called hormone changes.

Some people have normal changes in the hormonal changes that occur in their bodies, but some people see adverse results. It is often seen that some people have unwanted hair in their body and they are very upset with it.

Sometimes they have to be ashamed of it. In such a situation, he looks for techniques to get rid of this problem, then he learns about laser hair removal.

Permanent Hair Removal

Since this is a completely new word for most people, they do not find it in their time and after that, they are just digested.

If you also do not want to make such a mistake and want to get rid of the problem of undesirable hair in time, then you should read this article completely:

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a technique to permanently remove unwanted hair with the help of a laser. However, hair is also removed by other techniques such as waxing, plucking, etc., but since all these techniques cause side effects on the skin and they remove the hair for some time.

Therefore, to remove unwanted hair permanently in such a situation, permanent laser hair removal in Chula Vista is the best technique.

Reasons to remove hair from laser

As mentioned earlier, hair growth occurs naturally due to changes in hormones with aging, but some people (both men and women) have excessive amounts of unwanted hair.

If a patient is suffering from the following problems, then the doctor can advise him to remove the hair from the laser-

Having a genetic history: It is said that children get certain things from their families. If a member (male or female) in a family is suffering from an unwanted hair problem then that problem is more likely to happen to his or her next generation.

Having abnormal hormone changes: People who have abnormal changes of hormones can suffer from undesirable hair problems. In such a situation, the doctor recommends laser hair removal as it may be the best solution for them.

Laser Hair Removal

Having a disease:  When a person goes to a doctor about the problem of unwanted hair, the doctors try to find out the cause of this problem, for which he checks his health.

If that investigation reveals any disease such as thyroid, etc., he advises her to have a laser hair removal as unwanted hair on her body may be due to such a disease.

Taking any medicines:  When the patient goes to the doctor regarding the problem of unwanted hair, the doctor ascertains whether he has ever taken any medicines without the advice of a doctor because those medicines can increase the amount of androgen in the blood. Huh.

Food and drink: It is believed that healthy food is very important for any person because it directly affects his health.

Hence, the reason for unwanted hair on a person’s body can be bad food and drink. In such a situation, the doctor may advise her to get laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair on the body. These days this process is in vogue, which is being taken advantage of by many people.

If you are also troubled by the problem of unwanted hair present in your body and want to get laser hair removal done for this, then before doing this it is necessary for you to know how to do laser hair removal.

Preceding Laser Hair Removal

Before beginning the laser hair removal procedure, the doctor thoroughly examines the patient’s skin to determine if the skin will tolerate the effects of the laser. Therefore, the following things are taken into consideration in this investigation.

Identifying the body part- Before starting the laser hair removal procedure, it is ascertained on which part of the body to perform this procedure, because this laser technique (laser hair removal) methods of hair removal procedure Determine

In other words, hair removal is done by laser technique (laser hair removal) according to the body part.

Detection of skin color: The doctor then examines the color of the skin of the patient who has to undergo laser hair removal as it is believed that the person who has a fair skin color The laser hair removal procedure proves to be highly effective.

Therefore, it is also necessary to find out the color of the skin before starting the laser hair removal procedure.

Finding the length of the hair:  After this, the doctor examines the length of the patient’s hair to ensure the way the laser is used during the laser hair removal procedure.

laser hair removal safety

Avoiding other methods of hair removal: However, the laser technique (laser hair removal) allows the doctor to do all the tests on his behalf before the hair removal procedure, in addition to the patient being prepared for the laser hair removal procedure. needed.

It is advised not to do other methods of hair removal such as plucking, waxing, electrolysis, etc. shortly before the start of the laser hair removal procedure because in this process the laser rays fall directly on the hair roots, Which are temporarily removed by other methods of hair removal.

Do not stay in the sun for a long time – When a person goes to the doctor to remove the hair from the laser, the doctor advises them not to stay in the sun for long because staying in excess sun is harmful to the hair roots. Can occur and cause problems with laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal (Unwanted Hair Removal)

The procedure of laser hair removal is mainly done to remove unwanted hairs on parts of hands, feet, underarms, etc.

The procedure of hair removal using laser hair removal involves the following points:

Step 1: Shaving the skin part – This is the first point of the laser hair removal procedure in which the skin part is shaved properly, where the hair removal procedure has to be done by laser technique.

Step 2: Cooling the skin part with an ice pack or gel – After shaving the skin part on which the process is to be done, it is cooled with an ice pack or gel, so that the hot laser does not affect the outer skin.

Step 3: Jelly on the skin part – After cooling the skin part, the jelly is applied there, so that the laser device can run smoothly during the process of laser hair removal.

laser hair reducing in chula vista

Step 4: Laser Moving – This is the most important point in the laser hair removal process, in which the laser is focused on the part of the skin where unwanted hair is to be removed.

This laser destroys the hair follicle present in that organ, causing hair to grow very slowly on that part. During this time the patient may feel uncomfortable and may also have a strange smell like sulfur.

Step 5: Skin part cooling – This is the final point of the laser hair removal process, in which the skin part is cooled with a piece of ice because the laser is very hot and has an effect on the skin so reducing that effect Ice is used for and its warmth is minimized.

Advantages of hair removal procedure with laser technique (laser hair removal)

Laser hair removal has proved to be beneficial for many people because getting laser hair removal completely relieves a lot of unwanted hair. It also has some benefits, which are as follows –

Having the most accurate procedure: The most important benefit of laser hair removal is that it is a fairly accurate procedure. This process is done on the same part of the body where unwanted hair is to be removed.

The process of laser hair removal does not affect the surrounding skin other than that part.

Safer procedure: Laser hair removal procedure is much safer than other hair removal techniques as it does not cause any side effects on the skin.

Apart from this, the patient does not feel any kind of pain during the laser hair removal procedure.

Fastest procedure: The entire process of laser hair removal is completed very quickly.

Each laser pulse lasts for a few minutes and heals a lot of hair at once. The process of laser hair removal takes much less time to remove unwanted hairs on parts of the body.

Reducing hair growth rate: Since other hair removal techniques regrow hair in a few days, laser hair removal causes hair to regrow at a lower rate because this process destroys hair roots. is.

Because of which it takes time for hair roots to regrow and hair gets slow.